ADO Air 20 Review 2023 | Eyropean-Style Folding E-Bike For Easy Carrying & Commuting

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The Air 20 from A Dece Oasis, or ADO, is a highly practical lightweight folding e-bike for city riders and commuters. We tested its performance, ride feel, and more in our ADO Air 20 review!

Where many other folding e-bikes we’ve tested have weighed 60-70 lbs, the Air 20 weighs just 42. With a quick-release folding mechanism and such a lightweight frame, it’s easy to carry, fold, and transport.

The Air 20 uses a 350W rear hub motor with a torque sensor, giving riders responsive but subtle pedal assistance that mimics the feel of an analog bike. We thoroughly enjoyed the resulting zippy and fun feel!

Thanks to its single-speed drivetrain with a belt, and its three PAS settings, the ADO Air 20 is incredibly simple to operate! No shifting is required, and the belt drive keeps things clean and quiet.

Watch our ADO Air 20 video review for more!

0:00 ADO Air 20 Review
0:39 Overview
4:37 Folding Demo
6:06 Brake Test
7:08 Speed Test
11:44 Range Test
13:23 Hill Test
17:25 Ride Quality
20:57 ADO Air 20 Conclusion

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