ADO Air 28 Review | Seat Tube Battery = Proof You Can Think Outside The Box!

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What happens when you merge a dutch style cruiser with a city commuter? You get the ADO Air 28. In this ADO Air 28 review, we take this lightweight step-through e-bike for a spin. Get ready for in-depth insights into its smooth ride quality, surprising speed, and how far it’ll actually take you on a single charge.

We’ll kick things off with a close look at the Air 28’s design and those comfort-focused features. Then, it’s time for speed tests! We’ll crank up each PAS (pedal-assist) level and even hit the throttle to see if it lives up to that 20 mph promise.

Safety matters! We’ll share our brake test results, measuring the Air 28’s stopping distance to give you a clear picture of its handling in those gotta-stop-quick moments.

But what about range? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll run the ADO Air 28 through range tests on both minimum and maximum PAS settings to see how it’s real-world performance stacks up against the estimated range

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00:38 Overview
04:53 Brake Test
05:59 Speed Test
09:56 Range Test
11:43 Hill Test
15:22 Ride Quality
19:09 Conclusion

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