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Apollo City Pro 2022
Faster Top Speed And Stronger Dual Motors

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Apollo City Pro 2022 At A Glance

Weight55 lb
Folded dimensions49 by 25 by 23 in
Motor power, continuous1000 W
Top speed32 mph
Range25 mi
Battery capacity864 Wh
Battery recharge time4.5 hrs
Max rider weight220 lb


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Apollo City Pro 2022 Review


Motor and Acceleration

The speed at which you can go with your Apollo City will depend on the model you’ve picked and the number of motors it comes with:


  • Single motor: 28 mph
  • Two motors 32 mph


Acceleration can be controlled by using the rubber thumb throttle that is grippy and is surprisingly fast. With a 0-15 speed in 2.9 second, this is two tenths slower than that of the Apollo Phantom V2 and Wolf Warrior X Pro However, it’s speed transfer is significantly more fluid.


The single and dual motor versions of Apollo City share the same 48V 13.5Ah battery. They both are capable of 25 miles from a single battery. (Under real-world conditions you could expect to travel about 25 miles).


The dual motor City Pro surprised us by running nearly the same amount of miles that the single motor model, even when they share the same battery size. It’s also got enough power to handle the longest city commutes.

Hill Climb

Apollo City’s marketing materials declare that the model with a single motor can handle an incline of 10 degrees. Many tests proved this. If you go above 10 degrees, the vehicle slows down. This is typical considering the power and size of the motor available. However, it is enough to allow the City to tackle the majority of urban hills without difficulty.


If you reside in a hilly region or have a lot of hills, the dual motor variant of City with its 20 degree incline rate would be the better option.


Apollo has made some unexpected decisions with City Pro’s brakes. With clear advantages regardless of how hard you push these brakes, they will not place you on the handlebars, but they’ll recharge your battery and likely will never be worn out.


It’s super simple to use and powerful enough to keep your speed in check while you ride.


The Regen brake and drum brake will bring you to a stop within 3.4 meters. To put it in perspective, we consider the braking distance between 3.0 to 3.4 meters to be adequate so the City is performing very well in this regard.


City Pro 2022 is outfitted with 21700 cells for battery storage, identical cells to those that are employed in Tesla’s electric cars. In short, they have more energy than 18650 cells , which are utilized in other scooters. This results in higher efficiency of battery usage per trip. Along with the management of batteries the City was designed to give you the highest performance over several years.


The time to recharge is 4.5 hours


apollo city folded

The City is straightforward to fold and pack away.


It folds into two at the base thanks to an easy single-click folding mechanism. This I’m going to declare – is the most efficient we’ve ever tested. The mechanism for folding is equipped with a safety button as well. This stops the latch from separating when it is hit by the force of jarring shocks or vibrations and also helps to keep the stem straight (and for your safety).


Similar to the Air Pro The City has a foldable hook that is located at near the bottom of the stem that – once you fold the bike connects to a latch on the back on the side of the deck. This hook doesn’t just help to lift the City however, it’s very subtle.

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Why I Recommend Apollo City Pro 2022?

City Pro City Pro is perfect for urban commuting and provides you with a hassle-free daily ride that is easy to use and simple to use.



It comes with a variety of great features, such as the mobile app that lets you unlock more personalization options and self-healing tires. It also has an IP56 resistance to water and powerful regen brakes. the most impressive one-click folding mechanism and the most reliable turn signals I’ve tested. All are designed to push the boundaries of the overcrowded electric scooter for commuters into new and exciting dimensions. provide the City’s main piece of resistance and its high-end build. Like the rest of Apollo’s models, the latest City isn’t built to be at the top of the charts for the ego-driven performance of speed or range. Instead, it’s created with great attention to the smallest details to ensure a good performance in every one of the crucial areas.


With flat-proof wheels, brakes that never fail and an app that shows precise remaining distance, and quick charging, you have everything to enjoy a smooth commute whether it’s raining or shining.

Manufacturer Specifications

ModelCity Pro
Weight55 lb
Folded dimensions49 by 25 by 23 in
Motor power, continuous1000 W
Top speed32 mph
Range25 mi
Battery capacity864 Wh
Battery recharge time4.5 hrs
Max rider weight220 lb
Brake typeDrum + Drum
Tire type10.0 in Pneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP56



Are Apollo scooters waterproof?

Each of Apollo electric scooters is IP54 water-resistant. This means that they can withstand drizzles of rain, and riding on surfaces that are wet We recommend against riding in humid conditions if not possible to avoid.


It is important to note that scooters damaged by water damage are and are not protected under the warranty. While they are water resistant however, they aren’t waterproof and should not be used during heavy rain or in deep water puddles to ensure safety.


What kind of lubricant should I apply for my scooter?

Maintaining your vehicle regularly on your scooter is vital to ensure that it is functioning at its best! There are certain areas that require attention, like suspension and bearings, that will require oil lubrication.


Here is our team of experts’ suggestions for purchasing the most suitable oil for your scooter:

We recommend buying silica-based and lithium-based spray lubricants. Our team has brands like Jig-A Loo and CRC However, any similar brands are acceptable!


Note that the basic WD-40 is water disperser, and is be avoided to be used for lubrication. There are a variety of WD-40 like their silicone spray oil that can be used!


Where do I look for the serial number on my scooter?

If you bought your scooter prior to October of 2020, it should have a unique Serial number that is unique to your vehicle.


The majority of scooters will be equipped with the serial numbers on the bottom board of the vehicle. However, it is also on the back of the packaging.


Do I need a fast Charger?

Fast chargers are a fantastic alternative and is extremely useful when you require an immediate or emergency charge.


Do you actually require one? Not necessarily.


If you charge your scooter regularly and adhere to the correct guidelines the charger with your scooter ought to suffice!


We suggest charging your scooter at about 25-50% capacity remaining, not only when the battery is dead. If you let your scooter’s run out of battery, it could actually reduce the battery’s capacity.


As your battery dries then you’ll have less energy available to your motor and also be unable to maintain the top speed. The regular charging of your scooter at a rate of 25 to 50%, will ensure that you have enough power and range.


Furthermore, you can leave your scooter connected for a night without causing damage to the battery. The charger will turn off once it is fully charged, and at the time you get up the next morning, you’ll have your fully charged scooter ready for the day!


Make sure you don’t plug it for too long! (12 hours or more)    


It is also not recommended to plug your scooter into the charger too frequently. If your battery is still between 75 and 80 percent, charging your scooter again could reduce the battery’s capacity If you do it too frequently.


What is the different of Mechanical Brakes and Hydraulic Brakes?

Certain models in our selection are able to be bought that come with hydraulic brakes or hydraulic brakes. It is therefore important to be aware of these distinctions when choosing the best model for your needs!

What’s the difference?


Mechanical disc brakes, as well as hydraulic brakes, feature the same fundamental brake mechanism: You pull a handle that compresses a brake caliper around the disc that is mounted on the wheels of your scooter. When you use mechanical brakes, the brake caliper is controlled by the brake handle pulling against an iron line that is reinforced, and in hydraulic brakes, the brake caliper is operated by adding pressure to a tube that is filled with hydraulic liquid (mineral oil is the most common in this instance).


The main difference between mechanical brakes is the fact that they are less expensive and offer more potential adjustment points while hydraulic brakes need less regular maintenance and greater stopping power.