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Apollo Ghost
Incredibly Powerful Performance



Apollo Ghost Quick Specs

Motors2x800W (1600W nominal)
2000W (peak output)
Top Speed36.3 MPH (58.4 KMH)
Acceleration0-15 MPH = 2.82 seconds
0-30 MPH = 9.22 seconds
Max Hill Climb Angle25 degrees
BatteryDynavolt ceels Li-ion 52V 18.2Ah
Battery Capacity946.4 Wh
RangeSpeed Priority: 20.3 miles (32.7 km)
Regular: 27.3 miles (44 km)
Range Priority: 32.2 miles (51.8 km)


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Apollo Phantom V2

Get the most thrilling ride of your life by taking advantage of the incredible performance and top-of-the-line improvements of the Apollo Phantom V2. The Apollo Phantom is unique from any other electric scooter due to its speed and attention to detail. 


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Apollo Ghost Review

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Motor and Acceleration

Apollo Ghost electric scooter is designed for speed, and comes with two brushless 52V motors that offer a combined 1600W of total power and the peak of 2000W. The motors are powerful enough to push the scooter to speeds that is 34 miles per hour (54 kilometers/h) and easily conquer climbs up 25 degrees. 


Tests conducted under ideal conditions have allowed the vehicle to achieve a faster top speed that is 38.4 miles per hour (61.8 km/h) as opposed to the heavier riders can reach the speed of 36 miles per hour (58 km/h) while other variables are kept the same. In addition the Ghost is capable of covering a 200 feet (61 meters) distance on a 10 percent hill grade in 8.7 seconds – very impressive!


As with most Apollo scooters this particular 52V 18.2Ah battery is packed with Dynavolt cells, and is able to provide a maximum distance that is 39 miles. In the world of scooters there’s a specific kind of battery on models from the Apollo line , and they’re typically used on electric motorcycles.


Beware of this putting your off, however — Dynavolt is able to deliver an efficiency that is comparable to the top industry LG batteries and will offer you with an incredible number of charge cycles. If you keep charging the Ghost on average 3 times per week, expect it to run for about 4 years before performance begins to decrease. Impressive, huh?

Hill Climb

I tried I tried the Apollo Ghost on various steep inclines to test its ability to climb hills. It’s safe to say, I was very impressed. The maximum incline officially is 25 ° by Apollo and it’s quite nicely with my observations.


I took on the toughest hills in my neighborhood (up up to 20°) and this electric scooter was able to handle it easily. It easily eats all the hills you can throw at it, and it even performs better than other models due to its robust acceleration in the beginning.


For security in terms of safety, the Ghost comes with two receptive mechanical disc brakes that can be adjusted automatically at different strengths.


 Ideally, you should be able to achieve 70% strength in both the front end and strength at the back. The Ghost seems to have a good balance of both. This makes an ideal vehicle for safe and efficient braking and less wheel slip. Mechanical brakes aren’t like hydraulic brakes, like the Mantis 8 Pro but they’re more expensive. I can understand the reason Apollo decided to go with these. They’re extremely efficient and can will finish the job in a flash.


If you’re short on cash and are near the top of your budget the standard brakes on the Ghost are still very effective.


Dual motors that are high-voltage can consume the full capacity of a battery, so choosing a high-quality battery that has a huge capacity is essential when you’re looking for a substantial range with your speedy ride.


The Apollo Ghost is equipped with 52-volt 18.2 Ah battery that is fitted with Dynavolt cells that we can observe it throughout the Apollo lineup. It’s a power capacity for the battery that is 946 Watthours. It’s the exact battery design as the one you’ll find on the lesser Apollo Explore but that scooter does not have the same power.


When it comes to functionality I must mention about the Smart Power Management system. Your battery is what propels you to where you want to go, so it is a mystery to me why so many scooters do not have them and don’t have one. You wouldn’t want to race the marathon if your battery wasn’t at the top of your game do you?


That’s precisely that the system for managing your battery is able to do: it monitors the battery’s health. The list of benefits it offers is long, securing your battery from the dangers of overcharging and short-circuiting, and aiding your scooter in regulating temperature fluctuations.


It’s the unsung superpower of the world of electric scooters and it’ll be the one responsible for keeping battery performance intact for the many years to come.



Apollo Ghost Apollo Ghost folds together at the handlebars and the stem which makes it much more convenient to carry or to put into the trunk. I am a fan of the handlebars that fold design developed by Xtasy as it’s not wobbly in any way, however because the handlebars have so many elements that are attached to the handlebars, it isn’t able to fold that many inches. However, I’m a huge admirer of this design since it prevents wobbles as well as loosening from the vibrations you see in other models.


The stem folding process is similar to the majority of dual-motor scooters. Two levers are encircling the stem to keep it in its place. Stems can be fixed to the deck for simple transportation.


It’s probably not a good idea to purchase a dual-motor scooter due to its portability, however it’s pleasing to observe the Ghost fitting in a compact size given its power. It has a wide wheelbase, which is 50.5 inches, which is worth mentioning if you’ve got an incredibly small trunk.


The entire ordeal is 50″ by 50.5″ and 9.3″ (127 centimeters 128 cm x 24 cm) when folded up, and 21″ inches 50.5″ and 9.3″ (53 centimeters in x 128 cm in x 24cm) when folded.

Why I Recommend Ghost?

Overall The Apollo Ghost is an incredibly efficient electric scooter. The value is unbeatable for its price and it is even better than more expensive options in terms of speed and acceleration. It’s advertised as being the most affordable dual-motor scooter, and I believe it’s safe to say it is.



Although it doesn’t have a huge range as its primary selling point, the scooter holds quite well against other models that are more costly, such as the 10-X or Mantis 8 Pro. It was somewhat frustrating that the steering needed to be adjusted before the ride was super smooth, but not every scooter is flawless – in this case, the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages. You’re really getting a premium scooter for a price that is affordable.


Ghost Ghost is designed for those who want an extremely powerful scooter that can compete with the top riders but don’t have $2,000 or more to invest in the scooter. It’s an exciting entry into the marketplace. It’s now time for other brands to up their game if they want to be competitive. That’s exactly what Ghost offers. Ghost provides for such a reasonable price.

Manufacturer Specifications

Motors2x800W (1600W nominal)
2000W (peak output)
Top Speed (Our Tests)36.3 MPH (58.4 KMH)
Acceleration (Our Tests)0-15 MPH = 2.82 seconds
0-30 MPH = 9.22 seconds
Max Hill Climb Angle25 degrees
BatteryDynavolt ceels Li-ion 52V 18.2Ah
Battery Capacity946.4 Wh
Range (Our Tests)Speed Priority: 20.3 miles (32.7 km)
Regular: 27.3 miles (44 km)
Range Priority: 32.2 miles (51.8 km)
Weight (Our Tests)66.1 lbs (30 kg)
Usable Deck Size18.5″ x 9.1″ (47 cm x 23 cm) + footrest
Ground Clearance5.6″ (14.3 cm)
Deck to handlebarMin: 39.8″ (101 cm)
Max: 42.1″ (107 cm)
Charging Time12 hours (6 hours with two chargers)
Tires10-inch pneumatic rubber
Max Load Weight300 lbs (135 kg)
BrakesFront & rear disc brakes + electric re-gen brake
SuspensionFront + rear springs
Water ResistanceIP54-certification
Folded Dimensions50.5″ x 9.3″ x 21″ (128 cm x 24 cm x 53 cm)
Unfolded Dimensions50.5″ x 9.3″ x 50″ (128 cm 24 cm x 127 cm)
Display + ThrottleQS-S4 LCD + thumb throttle


Does the Apollo Ghost have dual motors?

It is worth noting that the Apollo Ghost does have dual motors that can be turned either off or on at any moment. We suggest using the dual motors when you are on a hill or when you wish to speed up. Dual motors can give the Ghost an incredible velocity and acceleration.


Does the Apollo Ghost have a Zero Start function?

By default, it is the Apollo Ghost will accelerate as when you push the throttle without you having to kick the scooter manually to accelerate.


What’s the maximum speed of Apollo Ghost?

If your scooter arrives the speed limit will only be set at 25 km/h. However, you can unlock the an actual top speed of 55 kmh by adjusting the P Settings. It is necessary to adjust the P08 setting to 100. To access the settings, hold the power button and the button to change modes simultaneously. Be aware that the top speed may be affected by a variety of elements, including the weight of the rider, the terrain and much more.


How can I tell the difference between hydraulic and regular brakes?

The benefit in hydraulic brakes over standard brakes is their effectiveness. They use lower pressure from the levers for braking to give equal stopping power as mechanical brakes. They are sealed to ensure that there is no risk of getting road debris trapped in your braking system.


Does Apollo Ghost a good choice for heavier riders? Apollo Ghost good for heavier riders?

With it’s power, and the double motor system Apollo Ghost is a great choice for heavier riders. Apollo Ghost is perfect for larger riders.


Does Apollo Ghost be able to ride off-road? 

Yes, because of the Ghost’s suspension, power and all-terrain tires, it can be driven off-road


Could Apollo Ghost be clipped and carried?

Yes, you can attach your stem onto the back of the scooter. Then it will be secured. Apollo Ghost can be picked up and transported.


Does the Apollo Ghost come with a thumb throttle?

Apollo Ghost Apollo Ghost comes with a trigger throttle and is set to zero start as default. This means that you don’t have to push the scooter forward in order to accelerate.


What is the reason why it appear that the Apollo Ghost have 2 charging ports?

It is also possible to use two ports for charging. Apollo Ghost has two charging ports as you have an option to use two regular chargers to cut down on time for charging. Additionally, you can enjoy faster charging with just one quick charger.


What is different between fast and a regular charge?

Apollo Ghost Apollo Ghost comes with 1 regular charger, which you can charge the scooter. It takes around 12 hours for it to be fully charged. If you are using two regular chargers simultaneously you can cut down the charging time to about 6 hours. One fast charger will provide the same charging time, but it needs to be used in isolation. You shouldn’t utilize two fast chargers at once.