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Apollo Phantom V2
Affordable Premium Electric Scooter

apollo phantom specs


Apollo Phantom V2 Quick Specs

Motor & Power2x1200W = 2400W
(3200W Peak)
Battery Type52V 23.4Ah Li-ion Dynavolt
Battery Capacity1216.8 Wh
Weight77 lbs (35 kg)
Max Load300 lbs (135 kg)
Tires10 x 3.25 inches (pneumatic)
SuspensionQuadruple springs
BrakesDual discs and re-gen braking


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Apollo Phantom v2 Review

Motor and Acceleration

It’s likely at this point that the Phantom has been awarded A+ marks across the board. However, there are some areas in which it needs to prove itself in, especially the speed and acceleration.


Equipped with two 1200W motors The Phantom features a peak power of 3200W, and the top speed is 38 mph. This is plenty of power to be hidden inside its slim frame however is it able to keep pace with the other big hitters around the track?


Initial acceleration on the V2 has been smoothed somewhat in comparison to the V1 and reaches 15 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds. (0.1 seconds slower than V1).


The V2 has a speed of 35 mph and takes 13.5 seconds, compared to. 13.7 seconds for V1.


The Phantom comes with 52V 23.4Ah battery. Like many of Apollo’s scooters, Apollo has stuck with their tried-and-true Dynavolt batteries for their latest model. They meet the expectations of customers, with the maximum distance of 40 miles, which is a good match for the fierce cravings of Apollo riders.


The goal of achieving this threshold isn’t difficult. However, you’ll have to make your ride as economical as you can to achieve it. This is one motor mode, eco settings, and minimal hills. This isn’t likely to be the case every day. Continuously aggressive riding can reduce the Phantom’s range to 25 miles however, you’ll experience somewhere between these two figures when you don’t plan to go all out for your leather each time you get onboard.

Hill Climb

Similar to Ghost, Apollo advertises a maximum incline at 25 degrees.


Because of its peak output and the torque of its dual motors The Phantom is a reliable climber.


It can climb as steep as 25 degrees that, when you contrast it with hills that are most likely to be up against, is quite steep.


The Phantom is an extremely versatile electric scooter with the ability to tackle the toughest terrains.


In terms of safe distances to brake, anything that is less than 12 feet is a good distance.


The Phantom V2 (52V) equipped with Nutt hydraulic brakes stops at 15 mph in 10.4 feet, so the supersized 160mm discs do their job.


The Phantom V2, equipped with mechanical disc brakes, came the stop at 15 miles per hour in 10.4 feet (0.2 feet less that the V1 Phantom equipped with Nutt brakes that are hydraulic).


Each of the V1 and V2 come with the same 160mm rotors. However, the V2 has a revised brake pad to increase stopping distance and greater resistance to squeaking.


Apollo Phantom Apollo Phantom has a 52V 23.4 Ah battery that has an efficient capacity of 1216.8 watthours.


The lithium-ion battery on the Phantom includes Dynavolt cells, which can be found in the complete Apollo lineup. The use of Dynavolt cells allows them to provide an upgrade to the Phantom at a competitive price , without sacrificing performance.


After a number of tests with Dynavolt as well as LG batteries, I’ve discovered they perform similar – and in fact, much superior to cheap off-brand batteries.


apollo phantom v2

High performance and portability isn’t a common occurrence in the world of electric scooters. It weighs 75.2 pounds (34.1 kg) the Apollo Phantom is definitely not an e-scooter that is light, but when you consider it’s a dual-motor electric scooter, it’s the kind of thing you’d like to see.


While other electric scooters are lighter than the Phantom, the Phantom comes with features such as an upgraded suspension system as well as wider tires and larger brake rotors. These features will not only increase the weight but improve the ride also.

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Why I Recommend Apollo Phantom v2?

Apollo Phantom Apollo Phantom is heavy on features and is a great value. It’s an exciting scooter that excels all over the board. The result is a stunningly strong ride that has a responsive construction that is as secure like a home. The tried and tested design has been perfected to the point where you’ll need to search long and hard to find anything to criticize.



In an industry in which a lot of products are identical repetitions manufactured by the same factory with different names, it’s exciting to see brands such as Apollo making a leap ahead in the name of development and innovation for the entire industry.


Making electronic scooters from scratch isn’t an easy job. In fact, it’s one of the few brands that would ever attempt to do and I’m convinced that Apollo did a impressive job with the Phantom. There were some flaws in the beginning, but every issue has been resolved quickly and all units sold on or after September 1 2021 will be the most recent Generation of Phantoms.


I believe that for me, the Apollo Phantom is close to being the ideal electric scooter. I’ve tried many premium scooters that I have tried, the Phantom appears to be the complete package. From the revolutionary HEX display, to the stunning lighting configuration with turn signal capabilities and turn signal functionality, the Phantom is a step above when other scooters make a mess.

Manufacturer Specifications

Motor power (nominal)2400W (2*1200W)
Motor power (peak)3200W
Top Speed38 MPH (61.2 KMH)
Max incline25 degrees
Battery TypeLi-ion 52V 23.4Ah
Cell originDynavolt
Battery Capacity1216.8 Wh
Power structure126 x 18650 lithium units
Battery voltage limit58.8V
Charging ports2
Range40 miles (64.4 km)
Tires10″ x 3.25″ pneumatic
Tire typeInflatable rubber (tubed)
Weight77 lbs (34.9 kg)
Weight Limit300 lbs (136 kg)
SuspensionAdjustable quad springs
Charging timeStandard charger: 12 hrs
Fast charger: 6 hrs
Physical brakesDual disc (mech or hydraulic)
Electric brakingAdjustable re-gen braking
Disc size160 mm
Lights1 * 1000 lumen headlight
2 * Red rear lights
2 * Yellow turn signal lights
2 * White front lights
Throttle typeThumb
DisplayIndependent HEX display


What’s the main difference between 60V and 52V Apollo Phantom?

The primary difference between the Apollo Phantom 52V and 60V is the speed. Due to the increased torque 60V’s Apollo Phantom 60V’s top speed can be 7 up to 10 kph higher than the 52V’s 62kph.


What’s the main difference in hydraulic brakes and regular brakes?

The benefit in hydraulic brakes over standard brakes is the efficiency. They require lower pressure from the levers for braking to give equal stopping power as mechanical brakes. The hydraulic brakes also have a sealed design to ensure that you’re not at risk of getting road debris trapped in your braking system.


Does the Apollo Phantom have dual motors?

Apollo Phantom Apollo Phantom does have dual motors, which can be switched off and on at any moment. We suggest using the dual motors in the event of a climb as well as when you wish to speed up. Dual motors provide the Phantom amazing speeds and speed.


Does the Apollo Phantom have a Zero Start function?

By default, by default, the Apollo Phantom will accelerate as when you press the throttle without having to push the scooter first manually.


Could be clipped and carried? Apollo Phantom be clipped and carried?

While it is true that the Phantom has a heavier weight than the other scooters within the Apollo range You can still connect on the back of the scooter to attach the stem. This means that this means that the Apollo Phantom could be carried and picked up. This allows it to be carried around.


What is it that makes the Apollo Phantom distinct (from the other Apollo scooters)?

It is the Apollo Phantom has many one-of-a-kind features you will not find in other scooters. One of them is the quadruple Spring Suspension
3 inches broad HEX display (shows actual-time remaining mileage)
Dual 160mm disc brakes
High-mounted 1000 Lumen headlight
2 Front deck lights
2 turn signals
Double-reinforced stem
Triple Lock folding system
Bag hook


Does the Apollo Phantom have a fast charger?

There is a fast charger on the market, please refer to the accessory for fast charger page to determine availability


What is the reason why it appear that the Apollo Phantom have 2 charging ports?

It is worth noting that the Apollo Phantom has two charging ports, which gives you an option to use two regular chargers to cut down on the charging time. Additionally, you can enjoy quicker charging times using a single quick charger.


Does the Apollo Phantom come with a charger?

Yes The Apollo Phantom comes with 1 regular charger. It is possible to purchase an additional charger or replace the fast charger in order to cut down on the time of charging.


What’s the main difference between normal charger and a fast?

Apollo Phantom Apollo Phantom comes with 1 regular charger that you can use to charge your scooter. It takes around 12 hours to get fully charged. If you are using two regular chargers simultaneously you can cut down the time of charging to 6 hours. One fast charger will provide the same charge time of 6 hours however it must be used in isolation. Do not use two fast chargers simultaneously.


How can you unlock the maximum velocity of Apollo Phantom?

In order to access P Settings, press the up and down arrows simultaneously at the same at the same time. Go through the P08 setting and then adjust it to 100 by pressing this button. Now you can ride up to the Phantom’s highest speed.


Does the Apollo Phantom come with a thumb throttle?

Yes it is true that it is true that the Apollo Phantom already comes with the thumb throttle.


Do I have the ability to ride in the Apollo Phantom off-road?

Yes it is true that the Apollo Phantom can be ridden on road and off-road terrain, thanks to its powerful dual motors as well as its hybrid tyres of 10 inches.


Does the Apollo Phantom have a bell or horn?

Apollo Phantom comes with a bell. Apollo Phantom comes with a bell.