Aventon Abound Review 2023 | The New Affordable Cargo E-Bike To Beat?

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We predict that 2023 is going to be the year of the cargo e-bike. To kick things off, we had the chance to review the new Aventon Abound!

This low, load-hauling machine comes standard with a nearly 28” long rear cargo rack and running boards. Its cargo/passenger capacity can be expanded with the addition of a front rack, and both racks are compatible with Aventon’s range of bags, baskets, seat cushions, etc.

The Abound has a maximum payload capacity of 440 lbs, making it one of the most capable cargo e-bikes we’ve seen. Its rear rack can hold up to 143 lbs, making it fully able to handle groceries, gear, or grandchildren.

To top it off, the Abound includes a torque sensor that provides excellent responsiveness and a more traditional bike feel.
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0:00 Aventon Abound Intro
1:17 Aventon Abound Overview
3:55 Specs
9:41 Brake Test
11:00 Circuit Test
13:18 Battery / Range Test
14:37 Motor / Hill Test
16:16 Aventon Abound Review Conclusion

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