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The Aventon Sinch.2 is the latest e-bike from the brand to get its upgrade treatment, including torque sensors and turn signals! Both features are relatively uncommon but welcome on e-bikes below $2,000. We talk about these features, the bike’s key specs, and its performance in our tests in this Aventon Sinch.2 review!

Of course, we can’t forget that the Sinch.2 is a folding e-bike with a respectable 500W rear hub-motor and a step-thru frame to accommodate a wide range of potential riders.

A torque sensor gives the Sinch.2 a ride feel similar to that of a non-electric bike. This helps to make it more responsive, but also more efficient!

Turn signals add to the Sinch.2’s already eye-catching design, and go a long way toward increasing safety while on the road.

Check out our full review for more about this awesome folding e-bike packed full of functionality!

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