Aventon Soltera 2 Step-Through Review | Lightweight City Bike With GREAT Motor Engagement!

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The Aventon Soltera.2 Step Through (ST) is the updated and upgraded version of the brand’s city/commuter e-bike that now includes a torque sensor and turn signals! We tested it extensively to reveal its pros and cons in this Aventon Soltera.2 ST’s review!

The bike’s torque sensor is a huge improvement that fits its style; this allows the Soltera.2 ST’s motor to respond naturally to pedal pressure and feel much closer to an analog or non-electric bike.

With a 46-lb frame (including the battery), and 700x38c road tires, the Soltera.2 ST handles and maneuvers quickly and responsively. It’s incredibly nimble, making it perfect for weaving through traffic on the morning commute and able to get up to speed quickly.

Traditional cyclists will love that the bike’s reserved 350W motor assists the bike’s rider without overpowering them. This makes the Soltera.2 ST perfect for riders who want to feel like they’re riding an analog bike and those who still want a good workout!

Check out our video review of the Aventon Soltera.2 ST for in-depth coverage of this awesome e-bike!

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4:20 Brake Test
5:10 Speed Test
9:04 Range Test
10:22 Hill Test
19:22 Ride Quality
20:33 Aventon Soltera 2 Step-Through Conclusion

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