Blix Dubbel Review | Electric Utility Bike (2023)

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The Blix Dubbel is a utility/cargo e-bike for the ordinary person. Sure, it can be used for delivering pizza, but the real purpose behind this e-bike is to give the ordinary rider the ability to carry loads that may include a kid and/or groceries. In our Blix Dubbel review, we consider all this and more.

From its unique frame design to its powerful 750W motor to the fact that it can be ordered with two batteries, the Blix Dubbel is meant to be as capable as it is versatile. Making an e-bike that can serve as a substitute for a car is a tall order and the Dubbel is an exceedingly well-designed e-bike.
To carry more than a single rider, some details really can’t be overlooked. The Blix Dubbel is equipped with a wide-range 8-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes to give the rider terrific control.

Blix offers a terrific variety of accessories including different baskets, a seat and foot pegs for passengers and a motorcycle-style twin-leg kickstand comes standard to make loading and unloading easy and secure.

0:00 Blix Dubbel Intro
1:45 Blix Dubbel Overview
5:39 Specs
9:50 Brake Test
11:40 Circuit Test
13:34 Battery / Range Test
15:22 Motor / Hill Test
17:29 Blix Dubbel Review Conclusion

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