Bosch Smart System, eBike Flow App, PowerTube 750

Bosch eBike Systems announced their new Smart System products for model year 2022 at their annual press event. The new hardware includes a refined display called the Kiox 300, LED button pad (which can be used independently), high capacity PowerTube 750 battery pack, Performance Line CX, and 4 amp charger. The new software will be offered on iOS and Android smartphone devices, which will connect to the LED button pad using Bluetooth. None of the older Bosch ebike hardware will be compatible with the new Smart System hardware or software.

In this video, I present my observations, reflect on Bosch electric bike products from the current generation, and read through the official press releases. I’ve overlaid screenshots of the new hardware, and included a concept video shared by Bosch. I’ll be answering as many questions as possible in the comments, and relying on my marketing contacts at Bosch to clarify anything that I cannot directly infer. Bosch appears to be creating a digital backbone for bicycle manufacturers, lights manufacturers, and other software and services providers to engage on a safe platform. They are promoting the IOT (internet of things) concept here, showing smart augmented reality glasses, as well as vehicle to x and bike to x communications that could improve safety (alerting drivers and riders to each other). While some of the concepts may not play out in the immediate future, it’s exciting to imagine this ecosystem growing from a foundation of hardware and data supported across all future Bosch powered electric bikes.

Forum discussion, high resolution images, and the official press releases are all posted in the forums here

0:00 Bosch eBike Systems Model Year 2022 Press Event, new Smart System hardware
0:20 Overview of existing non-compatible Bosch eBike hardware (motors, batteries, displays)
2:43 Introducing Kiox 300, LED Remote, eBike Flow App, IOT Platform (V2X, B2X, others)
8:23 Communications backbone concept, supporting third party apps and hardware
9:04 Bosch ebike history in North America, my own reliability and support experiences
10:55 Thoughts on scope of Bosch ebike products, simplifying and lowering price?
12:50 Purpose of video, staying objective, getting good answers to questions
13:27 Bosch Smart System official concepte video
15:13 Press release 1: high level overview, reading with examples and my thoughts
25:08 Press release 2: Smart System vision, reading with examples and my thoughts

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