Bosch Smart System Review: LED Remote, Kiox 300, Flow App

The Bosch Smart System is a new generation of electric bike hardware that is internet enabled. It tracks rides, allows users to adjust Eco and Turbo assist settings, and update firmware using the Flow smartphone application. In this video, I explore the buttons and operation of the LED Remote, the Kiox 300 display panel, and the Flow app. Some of the considerations I discovered during the research and testing of this hardware were as follows:

– Bosch Smart System components are not backwards compatible with prior generations of Bosch Ebike systems.
– I think it would be easier to find the smartphone app if it were named “Bosch Smart Systems” instead of “Flow”.
– The Flow app is currently setup to adjust the bike and do mapping more than act as a display while riding… but that could change with future updates.
– The Kiox 300 display panel is removable, and the bike can be operated purely with the LED Remote.
– The LED Remote has five blue LEDs that represent charge level, when one increment is half empty, the LED turns white. This gives you 10% steps for a more precise readout!
– I suspect that the Kiox 300 runs entirely off of the ebike battery and does not have a rechargeable coin battery inside like the Bosch Intuvia and original Bosch Kiox displays.
– Both the LED Remote and Kiox 300 adjust to ambient light automatically so they won’t be too dim or too bright.
– The Kiox 300 screen is about 2″ diagonal, which isn’t as large as I was expecting, the glass is wider and taller than the actual screen below.
– The Flow smartphone app lets you adjust Eco and Turbo assist levels, including top speed. The Tour+ and eMTB assist levels are not adjustable.
– The bottom edge of the LED remote has a USB-C port that is labeled for diagnostics and 5 volts and 600 ma/h but it does not provide charging support for portable electronics. I confirmed this with a Bosch representative. To me, this is too bad considering the new high capacity PowerTube 750 batteries, and the prior generation of displays that did offer charging (Intuvia, original Kiox, and Nyon). With this information, the positioning at the base of the control pad is less important… originally I was frustrated that a charging cable would interfere with a dropper lever and get in the way of the left grip depending on your hand position.

0:00 Introduction to Bosch Smart System
1:14 LED Remote activation and functions
2:59 Activating lights and walk mode
3:34 USB-C charging port and diagnostics
6:25 Bosch Flow smartphone app (Smart System app)
9:28 Bosch Kiox 300 activation and menus
13:08 Kiox 300 settings (changing units km/h to mph)
14:55 Powering off, Outro screens (ride stats)
15:48 Conclusion and site resources

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