Cero One Review | Campact Electric Cargo Bike (2023)

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The CERO One is a compact cargo e-bike with a dynamic mid-drive motor, exceptional range and the ability to carry a child as well as a couple of bags of groceries. At 58 lbs., it is relatively light and thanks to its short overall length and small front wheel, it is well-balanced and very nimble in urban settings.

Based on a Shimano STEPS mid-drive motor, the CERO One has plenty of power to climb hills, even when loaded. The internally geared Shimano drivetrain uses a Gates belt instead of a metal chain, making the e-bike nearly maintenance-free and definitely mess-free.

CERO offers a number of vetted accessories for the One, including the robust Yepp Maxi child seat, a platform rack and two different sizes of basket. Unlike with the average commuter, a rider with a CERO One can commute to work and then pick up a child and a gallon of milk on the ride home, making it an unusually versatile e-bike.

This is a premium e-bike and the selection of Shimano components, from the STEPS motor and battery to the internally geared rear hub and hydraulic disc brakes mean it will provide reliable service for years to come.

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