CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro 625 Allroad Review

The CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro 625 Allroad is a full suspension cross country (possibly all mountain) model that comes with fenders, a rear rack, and lights, making it an excellent bikepacking and adventure touring ebike for off-road environments! It features the high capacity Bosch PowerTube 625 downtube-integrated battery pack, and the high performance Bosch Performance Line CX motor offering 85 newton meters of peak torque. All electronics here are Smart System generation, and work with the Bosch ebike flow smartphone app which lets you control assist settings, geo-fence locking, and route planning. The tires are 29″ x 2.6″ plus sized, offering more float and stability. Both suspension elements are air, which is highly adjustable for your body weight, and also lighter than spring. Its’ available in four frame sizes including Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. I love the upgraded 180mm hydraulic disc brakes with quad piston calipers for efficient stopping (especially given the taller 29″ diameter of the wheels). The bike has boost hub spacing (wider than average) and sturdy thru-axles. The rear wheel speed sensor is protected vs. spoke mounted on older ebikes. Excellent 12 speed Shimano Deore drivetrain with a clutch to tighten the derailleur and wide 10-51 tooth spread of gears in the cassette. The bike weighs about 59 lbs depending on the size. The headset prevents oversteer and routes cables through to look nice. I like the locking semi-ergonomic grips. High quality ABUS keyset that can be matched to locks (folding, u-locks, chain locks).

I love the integrated lights, especially the headlight positioning up high on the stem. I also appreciate the kickstand, even though it and the fenders can rattle a bit if you go off-road on bumpy terrain. The bottle cage mounting point on the downtube is very handy, and the rear rack is positioned with lots of clearance for the saddle if you wanted to upgrade from a rigid seat post to a dropper post for easier mounting and handling on mountainous terrain (where you could stand and use your legs to absorb shock and terrain features). Some drawbacks I noticed are that the headlight doesn’t have side cutouts to make it more visible from different angles, the mountain bike tires don’t have reflective sidewall stripes, the rear rack is not unsprung (so it will bounce your cargo around when riding off-road vs. suspending it), the rear shock only has rebound adjust (no compression or lockout), the chainring guard is plastic vs. aluminum alloy, and the chainring is not narrow wide (which would grab the chan better and reduce drops). The protective plastic shield that covers the battery pack does not lock securely to the frame and could be taken. Getting the battery back onto the bike can be difficult because it’s bottom-loading, the front fender is close, and the key must be inserted and twisted for the latch to be open… you can’t just force it in like you could with a ramped latch. The charge port located on the frame is low and in the path of the crank arm on the left side vs. up high away from water and dust and easier to reach.

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