Denago EXC2 EMTB Review 2024 | A Entry-Level Option With A Few Nice Upgrades

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The eXC2 is Denago’s higher-end eMTB with a huge number of upgrades over the eXC1. We tested the bike on desert trails and put it through our series of standardized tests so we can share our thoughts in this Denago eXC2 review.

One major feature of the bike is its 250W mid-drive motor. The Bafang M510 has a whopping 95 Nm of torque and packs plenty of power for getting up to speed quickly or climbing hills. Let’s be clear – this bike is a powerhouse!

Other upgrades include the battery, the suspension, the tires, and the gearing range, but the list doesn’t end there. We appreciated that there was a clear difference between the eXC1 and eXC2, but we think even the higher-priced model carries some serious value.

Both bikes share the same frame and geometry, which provide a solid foundation with a comfortable ride and good handling on trails.

For all the details on specs, components, and performance, check out our Denago eXC2 review!

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