Denago Fat Tire Step Thru Review | Fat Tire Electric Bike (2023)

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We report on the performance and features of the Denago Fat Tire e-bike in this review. Our review covers all of the crucial aspects, like motor, battery, brakes, suspension and accessories, as well as cover the performance tests we put this fat bike through.

We rode this bike over 120 miles in our testing, covered all the important areas e-bike consumers should consider before buying an e-bike, and we give you an unbiased assessment of this e-bikes quality, performance and ability to meet riders’ needs.

Denago added some great features to make this fat bike stand out from the rest, including a larger battery for longer distances, a torque sensor to provide more balanced motor engagement, and other features that add value as a bike in the under-$2000 range.

Our video summarizes many of the details presented in our in depth article, and shows some of the footage from our tests, as well as riding around town. Before you buy a fat tire e-bike, be sure to check out this review – it covers a lot of pertinent details you might not have considered before. After watching the video, you’ll be glad you did.

0:00 Denago Fat Tire Review Intro
1:09 Denago Fat Tire Overview
2:26 Specs
4:05 Brake Test
5:52 Circuit Test
8:03 Battery / Range Test
9:51 Motor / Hill Test
12:24 Denago Fat Tire Review Conclusion

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