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The Folding Model 1 is the fourth addition to Denago’s line of speedy, super-fun e-bikes. Perfect for road trips or small storage spaces, the bike collapses to fit more easily in tight spaces. We dive deep into the bike’s specs and capabilities in this Denago Folding Model 1 review!

With a 500W rear hub motor that delivers (adjustable) Class 3 speeds of up to 25 mph, the Folding Model 1 matches Denago’s well-established pattern for making quick-moving bikes.

It climbs hills like a champ, too! We were surprised by the bike’s ability to flatten modest hills in its low PAS settings, but that same power allowed it to conquer our Hill Test at the front of the pack!

The Folding Model 1 places a focus on its namesake functionality by being easily able to fold in under 30 seconds (with some practice). This allows it to collapse to a manageable size quickly and easily so you can hit the road in no time.

For more about the bike’s ride feel and performance, check out our Denago Folding Model 1 review!

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8:47 Folding
11:28 Brake Test
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15:29 Range Test
17:55 Hill Test
18:33 Denago Folding 1 Conclusion

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