DYU D3F Review | Electric Mini Bike (2022)

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In this DYU D3f review we do a deep dive into how this mini bike handles on the roads while testing out the speed, handling, battery, and more.

The DYU D3F will hold appeal to people for different reasons. Maybe it’s the ~$500 price tag. Maybe its the compact storage. Maybe the hope is that its smaller stature makes it a viable option for the kiddos to ride around on. Whatever the appeal (and since we see them on the roads, there is clearly some) the DYU D3f is certainly an interesting e-bike compare to some of the others that we’ve reviewed here at Electric Bike Report.

The motor is a 240W rear hub variety that is paired with a 360Wh battery. This combo gives it a bit of bost, and allows for miles of riding (if the comfort fits you).

The bike isn’t a true folding e-bike, but it does have a handle post that comes down that makes for easier storage and carrying. Not to mention the unique battery that allows for hand holding space along the frame.

Make sure to watch through the full video review of the DYU D3F to see how it did in our testing and to get the feedback from our riders (including the younger ones!) and let us know what you think about this bike in the comments section!

0:00 DYU D3F Review
0:50 DYU D3F Overview
4:47 Brake Test
7:30 Battery / Range Test
9:00 Circuit Test
11:16 Cockpit & Handling
13:20 Motor / Hill Test
17:11 DYU D3F Conclusion

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