Ebike Shortages and Price Increases in North America?

I noticed that the prices for many ebike companies began rising in Q1 2021 because Specialized, Juiced Bikes, OHM, Rad Power Bikes and others had either contacted me or made announcements. I asked for feedback around this topic, and offered to interview a member of the Specialized team but nobody stepped up. Since I’m stuck in Canada right now due to travel restrictions, I spoke with some other companies and got Sam Atakhanov (founder of DÖST Bikes) to spend some time on camera filling in the blanks. Sam’s company is just a couple years old now, but has grow rapidly due to the increase in ebike popularity. He explained that their bikes are made in Taiwan, like Specialized and others, and that the price for shipping has increased 10X in less than a year! It sounds like there are also extra “fees” to get onto ships that basically amount to bribes, and that they have had to push out their delivery schedule several months and are now looking at 100+ day wait times. In addition to shipping price increases, parts have also increased in price.

My goal with this video interview was to get a primary source to speak with me about the situation and fill in the gaps. I really appreciate that Sam was willing to do it, and I hope that this helps consumers understand wait times, price increases, and make more informed decisions about making pre-orders. I also hope that you and your family are healthy, able to find work or income, and ultimately enjoy being outside on a bicycle. Much love.

Why are prices going up: manufacturing and logistics
What are the wait times on some of these parts?
Shipping containers waiting, extra “fees”, Suez Canal
Price increases due to raw materials: Aluminum 35% YOY
US dollar purchasing power decrease, ~8% less value to RMB
When will things get better?! How far are you sold out?
Have you raised your prices? Yes, $2.8k to $3.2k
Has there been a drop in demand due to price increase?
Should people buy now or wait for situation to improve?
Interview with Norm at Cap’s Bicycle Shop begins

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Various individuals have different personalities in life. Some like rain as well as some do not. If it rainfalls in the summer seasons it can be enjoyable to be on the bike, but if it is fall or wintertimes, then it can be a little bit frustrating. If you are an everyday traveler on the bike you can have a great deal of difficulty as in many cases it is not constantly for enjoyable that you head out on your cycle.

Is a Full Suspension Bike For Everyone? What You Should Really Know About This Cycling Equipment

The question very basic and also the solution is a bit complex, because it is both of course and also no. a complete suspension is for everyone beginning from the downhill riders to cost-free bikers as well as even more down the lane to the everyday town commuters and all categories in between. But the reality is that everyone would love to be on an extremely comfortable bike which deal with little pot openings as well as wonderful canyons with equivalent poise and elegance.

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Regarding twenty years ago, when I was a young man and also recently started my job, I had to travel on my bike to my job location. That remaining in the center of the city and also in an exclusive office complex, I had to leave my bike parked outside.

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Downhill cycling is all concerning rate, thrill, experience, Adrenaline as well as control. Those who are new to his sport or would certainly enjoy to join this excitement candidates severe high should understand a few point prior to hand when you have ultimately decided to go with a downhill bike.

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For anyone that needs to commute on everyday basis on a bike as to exactly how comfy his bike need to be in comparison to its looks as well as effectiveness. All the aspects have a crucial location when it pertains to getting a bike for your everyday traveling requirements.

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For those people who have actually been around since the days of post world war II, the cruiser bikes were a typical view seen on the roads, as these were one of the most popular 2 wheelers back in those excellent old days. As it is said “style is such an unsightly point that it doesn’t stay around for long and also needs to be changed consistently”. Exact same fate was fulfilled with by the early day cruisers which virtually went away from the roadways just as puddles do after days of sunlight.

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The new modern technology has actually generated lots of adjustments in our lives. The most significant one of them is comfort in our lives. We have flourished in this market quite possibly as well as that is why this is exactly what individuals expect from every new item in the marketplace.

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The globe is dynamic with mountain bicycle and also racing bikes. The firms are standardizing these as well as amidst this all, many of them shed site of the real significance of the bicycle which is to commute. That is the reason the majority of the public choose to take a trip on a bike or a car. The reason is they supply convenience while taking a trip.

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Every person that enjoys to bike imagine having an excellent 2 wheeler which is perfect in weight and has perfect tightness and also on top of it all it should have minimal upkeep demands. This is no longer a dream for a few, as Cannondale bikes have currently thought of an individualized solution which they call system combination. Though currently this is except everyone, but quite soon I make certain it will be provided to the entire biking area.

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Mountain cycling belongs to the category of sporting activities that loads your requirement for adrenaline thrill as well as excitement. From the moment you obtain on your mtb up until the moment you rush downhill or go across nation, you really feel solid as well as complimentary and you for a moment forget life’s worries. You toss all caution to the wind, at risk yet unaffected by the elements that may come your path.

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