Electric Bike Company Model R (Custom) Review 2023 | Look & Ride How You Want To


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This Electric Bike Company Model R review covers the key components and performance features of this e-bike. We analyze the unique aspects that make this bike different as well as the motor’s speed performance, battery life, braking, hill climbing, and overall ride comfort of this cruiser-style electric bike. All of their e-bikes are assembled right here in the USA, so you can be sure you’re getting attention to detail and top-notch craftsmanship.

While this is what OUR Model R looks like, just remember, the fun of buying an e-bike from EBC is how you can customize just about everything the way you want it.

One key aspect of this e-bike that makes it unique is the suspension. Housing the Zoom hydraulic suspension forks, with 80mm of wheel travel, these forks help soften the rough roads you venture onto. Accompanied by the 26” x 3” Rhinoceros tires that help soften the impact of your ride, the overall suspension gives you a noticeably smoother cruise.

This gives you the opportunity to ride the Model R on terrain more rugged than you’d ever ride another cruiser on. Rugged is where this bike get the R in its name. The Model R is highly capable.

Relying on its 12 amp-hour battery, the Model R can reach a range of up to 45 miles, depending on riding conditions. The extent of the Electric Bike Company’s customizations reaches to the battery, so you can nearly triple the capacity of our test bike – meaning you’ll go well over 100 miles between charges if you want.

Along with everything else they do stateside, the customer service is also located right here in the USA, and they have the patience and understanding to help you get a perfect match with your custom cruiser. And if you should encounter any issues, the service department can even track down and speak with the builder of your custom bike – how many other companies can claim that?

EBC ships fully assembled bikes at no additional cost, within the 48 contiguous US states ($100 for Canada), so you can get your bike delivered right to your door.

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