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The Engwe M20 is a Class 3 electric bike that offers full suspension at a fraction of the cost of similar brands. With 750W of power and 80Nm of torque, the M20 has plenty of power for commuting, climbing hills and simply riding for fun.

The full suspension design, fat tires and low center of gravity add up into a vibrant and enthusiastic handling e-bike that’s ready for all terrain riding. The Engwe M20 is a great option for new riders and riders on a limited budget.

In our review we tested the Engwe M20’s battery life, hill climbing ability, stopping power, handling and more. By the end of the review you should have a good idea if the Engwe M20 is the right electric bike for you.

0:00 Engwe M20 Review
1:35 Overview
4:00 Key Specs
7:07 Brake Test
8:27 Circuit Test
11:15 Range Test
13:09 Hill Test
15:28 Engwe M20 Conclusion

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