Eunorau Defender S Review | All Terrain Electric Bike (2022)

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In this review of the Eunorau Defender S we break down the specs, handling and more of this unique off-road e-bike!

Equipped with two bafang 750W hub motors, the Defender S is in a small group of e-bikes that don’t have to think too hard about which hills they can or can’t climb. It could also tow quite a bit of payload if you spring for the optional trailer.

The Eunorau Defender S is first and formost an off-roading e-bike. The 4″ tires provide ample surface area for floating across sand and dirt, and not once over the 80+ miles we spent on it did we get a flat.

The full suspension front and rear is springy, but really soaks up most of the bumps in the road. The handling is unique due to the push and pull nature of a motor on each hub. Sometimes you feel like it’s pulling you down and other times pulling you up. It’s an e-bike that’s best used in the hands of more seasoned off-raoders with either extensive time in an e-bike saddle, or coming over from the world of dirt bikes and motorcycles.

For a full breakdown of all our thoughts watch the full Eunorau Defender S review.

0:00 Eunorau Defender S Review
0:53 Eunorau Defender S Overview
3:56 Brake Test
5:18 Battery / Range Test
7:29 Circuit Test
9:36 Cockpit & Handling
14:22 Motor / Hill Test
15:38 Eunorau Defender S Review Conclusion

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