Euphree City Robin X+ Review 2023 | Upgraded Comfort and Great Range

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The Euphree City Robin X+ is a Class 3 Dutch-style hybrid commuter/cruiser e-bike with a flashy paint job and a comfortable ride. We tested its speed, stopping power, hill-climbing ability, and range in our standardized tests – we share our results in this Euphree City Robin X+ review!

From our perspective, comfort was the main attraction with the City Robin. It features a plush saddle, ergonomic handlebars, and faux leather grips for a great foundation, and both a suspension fork and suspension seatpost to smooth the ride even more.

As the top-tier City Robin, the X+ uses a torque sensor that allows its motor to vary its output to match the rider’s level of effort. This results in a natural-feeling ride where more effort yields a greater payoff, but relaxed pedaling is still accommodated.

The bike achieved great results in our Range Test, where we exceeded Euphree’s estimated results of up to 60 miles. Many factors affect range, and we think there’s potential for some riders to pedal even further.

Check out our Euphree City Robin X+ video review for all the details!

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5:42 Brake Test
6:55 Speed Test
12:22 Range Test
13:48 Hill Test
18:22 Ride Quality
22:28 Euphree City Robin X+ Conclusion

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