EUYbike S4 E-Bike Review | Dual-Suspension With Massive Battery and Motor

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The EUYbike S4 is an aggressive, moped-style e-bike with a beefy 1000W rear hub motor capable of traveling well above Class 3 speeds! We put this bike through its paces in our testing, and we examine its specs and performance in this EUYbike S4 review!

The S4 isn’t just fast, it has solid range, too! Our bike came with a smaller battery than the retail model, but we achieved respectable results even with that.

On top of that, the S4 includes full suspension and a big, comfy saddle for a plush and enjoyable ride. With knobby fat tires, the bike can handle off-road travel as well.

To our surprise, this awesome bike is priced around $1500, making it one of the most affordable moped-style e-bikes we’ve seen – but it felt like it could just as easily sell for more!

0:00 EUYbike S4 review
1:20 Overview
3:53 Key Specs
8:31 Brake Test
9:55 Circuit Test
13:00 Range Test
14:48 Hill Test
15:56 Conclusion

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