EVELO Dash Review – $3.2k

The EVELO Dash is an efficient folding electric bike with light and quiet Dapu MD350LT mid-drive motor, five levels of pedal assist, and trigger throttle on demand! The 5-speed Sturmey Archer internally geared hub is more durable and clean than a derailleur cassette, the Gates Carbon belt drive is reliable and won’t fall off easily. Large color display panel is easy to read, has intuitive menus and settings, button pad and throttle work very well! Twist-shifter is durable and easy to understand for most, 5-speed internally geared hub can be operated at standstill, hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable-reach levers operate consistently. Large folding joints and gussets increase weight rating to 275lbs. Included plastic fenders with rounded supports that aren’t sharp, decent Spanninga integrated lights with brake-light activation, and rear rack add lots of utility and don’t rattle. Rear rack cannot support heavier loads and doesn’t have pannier blockers or bungee loops. Only available in one color and frame size, but the extra-long seat post and telescoping stem provide a wide range of fit options. The dark blue might not be as visible for night rides and there are no reflective tire stripes or side windows on the lights. Kickstand position may result in pedal lock, seat clamp is a bit small and difficult to use, motor is less powerful.

0:00 Overview of unique features. Bike, battery, and motor weights
0:47 Price point, internal cabling, folding the bike, sturdy design
1:53 Rear rack design and weight rating, wide plastic fenders
2:38 Wide puncture resistant tires improve ride comfort, thick spokes
3:48 Right-sized drivetrain pedals naturally, standard 170mm crank arms
4:06 Gates Carbon belt drive benefits, 5-speed-internally geared hub
5:10 Extra long seat post, gel saddle, adjustable height stem post
6:01 Only comes in blue, ergonomic grips, twist shifter, trigger throttle
6:53 Large color LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes 160mm rotors
7:58 Folding plastic platform pedals, center-mount kickstand
8:43 Dapu mid-drive motor details and motor controller activation
9:43 Battery charge port, removing battery, charger, folding the bike
10:50 Powering on the display, menu navigation, lights activation demo
13:06 Advanced settings menu on display, ride test begins handheld cam
14:53 Frame camera motor view for noise, third person hill climb
16:44 Conclusion, comparison tools, local shops, ebike forums etc.

Full review with specs and comparison tool: https://electricbikereview.com/evelo/2022-dash/

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