First Look: 2021 Diamondback Ebikes!

Diamondback is a highly recognized brand name and they’re back in the Ebike game with a full lineup of Bosch-equipped electric bikes! ebikes USA is a Diamondback Elite Dealer located in Denver, Colorado, and one of the first dealers to get a shipment of the four new models. I visited the shop today to check them out, discussed the components and pricing with the shop owner Houshmand, and took each bike for a short test ride. EBR did not receive any compensation for creating this video, but I would like to thank eBikes USA for working with us to provide access to these test bikes.

EBR Forum thread with spec sheets and discussion:
Official Diamondback website:

0:00 Introduction
0:18 New Models Overview
10:04 Pricing & Supply Availability
12:09 Current (Gravel Bike) Test Ride
17:10 Union 1 (Commuter) Test Ride
23:50 Union 1 vs 2 Comparison
25:50 Union 2 (Premium Commuter) Test Ride
29:45 Price vs Value Considerations
31:44 Response (Hardtail eMTB) Test Ride
37:20 Outro

For the Love of Dirt

For lots of people the appeal of fresh air, experience, and individual obstacle makes hill cycling a perfect fit. The goal of these write-ups is to bring new-riders as well as seasoned-dirt-junkies a method of helping them delight in the sport they like for life.

Mountain Bikes for Sale

Mountain biking has actually come to be a progressively prominent sporting activity as well as kind of exercise in the previous couple years. With an onslaught of bicycle companies making bikes for any type of and every usage, there is a design and price factor for every person from the beginner to the skilled bicyclist. If you are considering getting a mountain bike, whether it’s your first or your fifth, you would do well to think about some advice from people that have actually acquired bikes and also had all the best, as well as not so excellent luck as well.

Marzocchi Mountain Bike Forks

Marzocchi offers leading industry bike forks. They have them for all sorts of various designs as well as functions. A few of the features seen on these bike forks you would not anticipate to discover. Many people don’t know that you can tailor a bike from the very starting as well as if you’re trying to find a low-cost choice to buying a new mountain bicycle, you can think of purchasing the parts and constructing your very own.

Felt Mountain and Road Bike

Really felt bikes are ridden by pros around, and also currently you have a chance to obtain your hands on one as well. Their ultra light bikes and dual suspension is what sets them aside from the majority of other cycling business.

Should My Mountain Bike Have Bike Disc Brakes?

There are a number of choices for you when it comes to brakes on your mtb. One of the options is disc brakes. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of using disc brakes on your mtb.

How To Get Started Mountain Biking

Hill cycling is a sporting activity that can be taken pleasure in by several people. Getting going calls for a couple of items of essential tools.

Types of Mountain Biking

Hill cycling is a sport where bikers take specially-designed bikes off-road, typically on harsh, sloping, and hazardous terrain. The bikes have actually been reinforced with added support and bigger tires in order to fulfill the strenuous demands of the training courses the motorcyclists choose. To succeed at mountain cycling, the cyclist needs to have even more skills than the ordinary cyclist, as a result of the dangers of the sport.

Buying Your First Mountain Bike

It can be a little bit challenging in addition to time consuming when you buy your very first mountain bike. Adhering to, you’ll discover some pointers as well as things to be knowledgeable about before you start your look for your very first mtb.

Mountain Bike Skills for the Beginner Rider

Hill Biking is a fantastic as well as amazing sporting activity that can be taken pleasure in by people of every ages that intend to learn. The only requirement is the capacity to ride a bike.

Why Go Single Speed?

In this modern-day world now we have bikes approximately 27 equipments, why? I don’t understand however were going to discover.

Mountain Bike Accessories – What’s Essential and What’s Not

As a beginner hill cycling fanatic, it is simple to come to be like a youngster in a sweet store. You may end up being rapt with all the devices and wish to buy everything you see in the bike store. Although there are lots of types of mtb accessories being marketed out there today, most of them are unnecessary.

Mountain Bikes

When mountain bikes very first started to come to be popular is fairly typical to hear both non-cyclists as well as individuals who had actually been riding roadway bikes for years asking why. Nevertheless, besides the most costly versions, hills bikes are frequently rather hefty as well as cumbersome, as well as besides, (with a few exemptions), a lot of cities are not understood for consisting of mountains!

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