FLX Babymaker 2 Review | Electric City Bike (2022)

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Coming from the ethos of the flat-bar road bike—better known as a fixie—this FLX Babymaker 2 review revealed a bike that is zippy with terrific handling.

In our FLX Babymaker II review we look inside the stealthy ride’s intelligent spec, including the hidden battery and surprisingly powerful 350W hub motor. 350W on a bike style like this is more than enough and can produce desirable results.

FLX made some great choices with this e-bike, including a maintenance-free Gates Belt Drive and Magura hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors for stopping that mirrors its acceleration.

The FLX Babymaker II is a very fun e-bike to ride and has the ability to make a run to the grocery store a good time. FLX markets it more towards a younger crowd, but anybody able to swing a leg over a bike and wanting to enjoy a thrilling pedal experience will find something to like with the Babymaker 2.

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0:00 FLX BabyMaker II Review
0:58 FLX BabyMaker II Overview
2:32 Brake Test
3:53 Battery / Range Test
5:00 Circuit Test
6:22 Cockpit & Handling
8:14 Motor / Hill Test
9:28 FLX BabyMaker II Conclusion

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