Full Suspension and 1000 WATTS – Lancer Ebike Explained

Full Suspension and 1000 WATTS – Lancer Ebike Explained

This is the Lancer Ebike. It’s full suspension and it has a thousand watts of power. Okay, let’s see what The Lancer can do off-road. Yes technically that is off-road but that’s not very exciting let’s try something a little more challenging no assists need it down the hill. Yeah, this bike can be a little heavy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t handle single-track trails anyway.

Those are the types of trails that can wear you out just going down not pedaling but they’re a lot of fun now for some of you that may be a little bit too aggressive for your riding style but if you’re the type that likes off-road single crack with some ruts and bumps and rocks and tiny drops That’s what it’s made for! I grew up mountain biking here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California and trails just like this are what I learned to mountain bike ride on these are what I exercised on these are what I had fun on and so something like this that can get me down these trails effortlessly with its full suspension design and its fatter tires but also get me back up the hills when I need to makes it a really good fit this is what you need 1000 Watts for.

1000w Full Suspension E-Bike

This is The Lancer e-bike it’s full suspension and has a thousand watts of power.  There are probably two questions you’ve asked yourself if you’ve looked at a bike like this:  Do you need a thousand watts and do you need full suspension? The short answer is no,  nobody really needs either of those things but we also don’t need e-bikes we don’t even need bicycles for that matter we have feet and we could just walk.

But where’s the fun in that? I will admit this is one of the heavier bikes that we sell. Still, hopefully from this riding footage, you can get a basic idea of what its capabilities are, and currently, The Lancer bike is under three thousand dollars which, I think is pretty hard to beat. There are two different sizes. The medium is what  I am riding here today because it’s one of the only Lancers I have left at the shop. I’m about  five foot ten personally i would prefer the large frame this does feel a little bit small I gotta  get the saddle up really high this is actually a little bit lower because riding on some more  aggressive trails we’re also making some changes to the paint job on the bikes that are coming in  to properly pay homage to the B1 Lancer they are going to be in more of a military gray with the  Bolton Ebikes logo down the side the display is also changing to match the color display found  on The Foxbat and The Sabre models and something i haven’t talked about a whole lot is the dual  battery capability that is something that’s built into the bike but i’m going to do a separate more  in-depth video on that later the chainring has been upgraded to something that holds on a little  bit better gives you a slightly better climbing ratio it also has a 9 speed rear cassette the  fork is the RST guide which although fairly basic i’ve found to be very durable it has a lockout and  preload adjustment the rear shock has a little bit more adjustability it also has a lockout switch  there’s a dial for rebound adjustment right here and you can adjust the tension on the coil here  with this ring so if you’re looking for something that can handle the trails has a ton of power to  go up the hills and isn’t going to completely break the bank definitely take a close look  at the Bolton Ebikes Lancer we have a rather large shipment of these coming in next month.

I did mention that this bike is capable of 1000 watts now when we ship these bikes out because they have a throttle and a motor that is capable of that much power we do limit them to 20  miles an hour of course you can go watch my videos on how to unlock things for off-road use but if you’re using it on the road we do have it restricted so this is a class 2 electric bike if you want to know more about e-bike laws and how all that works.

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