Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB Review – $4k The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB is a feature complete city-oriented electric bike with premium enviolo stepless CVT drivetrain, Gates Carbon belt, and Bosch drive systems. It’s approachable, efficient, and extremely quiet! Safety upgrades include reflective puncture resistant tires, extra-bright integrated lights that are positioned perfectly, and durable aluminum alloy fenders. The rear rack design is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Purpose-built step-thru frame offers an extremely low standover height without suffering from frame flex. The downtube-integrated battery and internally routed cables look beautiful. Available in three frame sizes for optimal fit. The adjustable angle stem, swept-back handlebar, and shorter wheelbase provides an upright “dutch” ride position that is comfortable and functional for spotting traffic. Custom bladed fork includes a 40mm monoshock to minimize stress and strain on wrists, arms, shoulders, back, and neck while riding on chopping terrain. The included suspension seat post offers adjustable preload, the large Selle Royal saddle is super comfortable, even the grips are upgraded to soft faux leather with an ergonomic shape and lockers to stay secure. The continuously variable transmission hub adds ~4lbs of additional weight compared to a traditional derailleur and cassette. The 500 watt hour battery is decent, and they do include a four amp fast charger, but they didn’t go for the highest capacity battery from Bosch for this model… probably so they could make a small frame with shorter reach. The key cannot be removed from the frame lock when riding, so you have to lock it each time you stop. The Purion display offers limited menus, does not include USB charging, is not removable, and is not compatible with Bosch ebike apps.

0:00 Introduction, model comparisons
1:42 Suspension seatpost and fork
2:40 Fenders, rims, chain cover, rack
4:49 Battery pack and charger details
8:27 Geometry, wheelbase, adjustable stem
10:04 Key, battery lock, rear wheel lock
11:41 Motor details
12:55 Display panel and controller intro
15:07 Drivetrain details
16:23 Pricing and value discussion
17:39 Wheels, spoke, and tire details
19:04 Gazelle history and reputation
19:46 Frame color options
20:25 Brake details
21:45 Display panel operation
23:33 Lights demonstration
25:54 enviolo shifting demonstration
27:22 Kickstand details
27:46 Ride test begins
32:15 Drivetrain and motor closeups
34:36 Third person ride shots
36:15 Conclusion

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