Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB Review – $3.5k The Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB is a purpose-built ebike with premium components from a company with over 127 years of industry experience. one of the first two bikes from Gazelle to offer a Gates Carbon belt drivetrain to North American customers. Supported by an outstanding warranty and global network of dealers. The belt drivetrain and internally geared hub from Shimano are quiet, smooth, and require almost no maintenance or cleaning compared to similar derailleur setups. Bosch’s Active Line Plus motor is also quiet, incredibly responsive, and efficient enough to eke out up to 90 miles from the integrated PowerTube 500 battery pack. Optional Range Boost option adds a PowerPack 500 battery to double maximum range. Feature-complete with excellent integrated lighting from AXA and Hermanns, premium alloy fenders that don’t rattle at all thanks to expert mounting, and a sturdy rear rack with weight capacity of up to 27kg (60lbs). Basic full suspension with a front monoshock fork and Post Moderne suspension seatpost, highly approachable and adjustable thanks to the step-through frame and wide-angle stem. The Purion display is non-removable more basic than other offerings from Bosch. The cafe lock key must be left in while riding, which can be a hassle and easy to forget. No Class 3 or high step frame options, those are only available on the T10+ line which lacks the Gates Carbon drivetrain.

0:00 Introduction
2:46 Gazelle Company Reputation
3:30 Gates Carbon Belt Drive System
4:39 Warranty
5:32 Tires, Fenders, Lights
7:45 Suspension
10:20 Cockpit and Adjustability
11:16 Brakes
12:12 Motor
14:19 Battery Overview & Removal
16:18 Cafe Lock
17:34 Kickstand
17:55 Rear Rack
19:03 Frame Design and Cable Integration
19:43 Motor Sensors and Responsiveness
20:06 Control System Overview
24:44 Ride Test Begins
25:11 Bumpy Grass Test
26:55 First Hill Climb
28:05 Shifter Closeups
29:07 Frame Flex Handsfree Test
30:06 Motor Closeups
31:00 Pedal Cadence Limits
32:38 Second Hill Climb
33:46 Downhill Speed Test
35:29 Seating Position and Ride Comfort
37:20 Brakes Discussion
38:24 Offroad Test
40:01 Third Person Shots
40:35 More Info & Farewell

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