Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Review Short

While attending the (e)revolution electric bike show in Denver Colorado, I got to connect with Giant to learn more about their Trance X Advanced E+ electric bikes. This model was developed specifically to be light weight at just 41lbs, and features Fox Live Valve to automatically adjust front and rear suspension. The drive system is a custom build with Yamaha that utilizes an 85nm torque motor called the SyncDrive Pro with light 400 watt hour downtube-integrated battery pack called the EnergyPak Smart 400 with optional EnergyPak Plus range extender. The paint job is custom for each individual bike is completely custom and accomplished with sublimation. The front rotor is extremely large at 220mm, which is the first time I’ve seen this. I was told that there’s an equivalent model from Liv for women called the Intrigue X Advanced E+

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