GoCycle G4 Review | Electric Folding Bike (2022)

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An uncompromising fast folding e-bike inspired by automotive design and innovation, the GoCycle G4 is arguably one of the highest performing electric folding bikes on the planet.

Built around a 500W front hub motor and a suite of proprietary componentry made special for this bike, the GoCycle design has become iconic in the e-bike industry. In this GoCycle G4 review, we put the bike to the test in the real world to see if it lives up to its hype.

The tests yielded standout results that are impressive for a bike of the GoCycle’s stature. You’d be wrong to think that a smaller bike couldn’t keep pace with beefier counterparts.

While it tested well it also wowed us in the more subjective testing. The handling felt great, and there is a “cool” factor that is hard to ignore when you’re riding around on a GoCycle.

Check out our full in-depth video review of the GoCycle G4 for more details, and let us know what you think about this bike in the comments below.

0:00 GoCycle G4 Review
0:55 GoCycle G4 Overview
6:39 Brake Test
7:52 Battery / Range Test
8:49 Circuit Test
11:20 Cockpit & Handling
13:48 Motor / Hill Test
19:12 GoCycle G4 Conclusion

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