GoTrax F5 Review 2023 | A Fat Tire Folder For Less!

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This GoTrax F5 review was pretty eye-opening for our team. There aren’t a ton of e-bikes that sell for a thousand dollars, and even fewer that are worthwhile investments. But the GoTrax was able to exceed a few of our expectations to deliver a fairly good product for the price you pay.

Notable features include a strong 500W rear hub motor, a 653Wh battery, and some stylish brown fall tires that are 4″-wide that provide good comfort. And of course, the folding frame gave it some awesome convenience in terms of it’s portability and the options you have for storing it.

GoTrax isn’t a household name yet, but the bike showed enough promise to be an up-and-coming value option. Make sure to watch our GoTrax F5 review to see how it did across our performance tests that included braking, hill climbing, range, and speed tests!.

0:00 GoTrax F5 Review
0:39 Overview
3:53 Brake Test
5:10 Speed Test
9:33 Range Test
10:57 Hill Test
14:51 Ride Quality
20:05 GoTrax F5 Conclusion

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