HeyBike Brawn Review 2023 | A Feature-Packed Fat Tire E-Bike

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The HeyBike Brawn is a big, burly e-bike with a bevy of features, a beastly amount of power, and the looks to match. We break down this beefy brawler’s spec sheet and its demonstrated performance in our HeyBike Brawn review.

With both a throttle-only and pedal-assisted speed of 28 miles per hour, the Brawn technically falls outside the 3-class system, but is immensely fun to ride. Its speed can be adjusted to fit legal limits through the HeyBike app.

The Brawn’s dual crown suspension fork, huge front headlight, army-style lettering, and stout frame give obvious nods to motorcycle design. Its tough appearance isn’t just for looks, though; the bike has a claimed weight capacity of 400 lbs, and feels incredibly solid and stable.

We saw a pretty impressive range from the bike’s 750W rear hub motor and 864 Wh battery in our testing. Check out our HeyBike Brawn video review for more information! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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0:00 HeyBike Brawn Review
0:57 HeyBike Brawn Overview
2:36 Specs
8:15 Brake Test
9:30 Circuit Test
11:48 Battery/Range Test
13:05 Motor/Hill Test
14:22 HeyBike Brawn Conclusion

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