HeyBike Ranger S Review 2023 | A Folding E-Bike That Can Go 28 MPH!?

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The HeyBike Ranger S is the top-tier model of the brand’s folding e-bike. We put it to the test and talk about its specs, performance, and feel in this HeyBike Ranger S review!

One huge thing that stood out to us about this folding bike is that is comes equipped with a beefy 750W rear-hub motor! This gives the Ranger S an edge in speed and power when compared to many other folders on the market – it can reach the top end of the 28 mph speed limit for Class 3 e-bikes!

Sometimes little details make all the difference, and there were quite a few of these we appreciated about the Ranger S – primarily turn signals! The Ranger S has a large headlight and taillight, and turn signal indicators on both the front and rear of the bike.

While its battery may not be the largest or longest-lasting on the market (due to that powerful 750W motor), we also really liked seeing a fast 4-amp charger. Such a fast charging setup means that riders with an empty battery don’t have to wait all day or night to get back out on the road!

This summary is just scratching the surface, so check out our HeyBike Ranger S video review for more!

0:00 HeyBike Ranger S Review
0:35 Overview
4:33 Brake Test
5:33 Folding
7:57 Speed Test
13:04 Range Test
14:27 Hill Test
18:26 Ride Quality
22:31 HeyBike Ranger S Conclusion

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