How to Choose Your First E-Bike

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How can you confidently choose an e-bike if you haven’t been on a bicycle in years? We helped answer this question for Jane Taylor, the mother of our certified Hill Tester, EBR’s own Justin Taylor.

As someone who hadn’t regularly ridden a bike in decades, Jane had an idea of what she was looking for but needed to test a few different models. We assembled a lineup of e-bikes for Jane to ride including the Lectric XP 3.0, the Aventon Pace 500.3, and both the RadTrike and RadRunner 3 Plus from Rad Power Bikes.

Each bike had a unique ride feel with differences in handling, suspension, throttle, and more. The main things Jane focused on when riding the bikes were their frame design, stability, speed, and comfort.

This journey highlighted the importance of having hands-on time with a bike – but great reviews can help you narrow down your search from dozens to just a few. Stick around until the end of the video to find out which bike Jane chose for herself!

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