iGo Discovery Rosemont LS Review 2023 | Welcome To The 100 Mile Range Club!

****Note: we learned after hill testing that iGO does have the ability to change the motor delay that happens after shifting. This is there by default as a longevity measure to preserve the drivetrain, but an iGO dealer has a tool for adjusting that delay to make if you’d like to eliminate the motor lag.

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The following review of the iGO Rosemont LS commuter electric bike covers all the key components, as well as the performance results from our real world riding tests. Our team of riders put almost 200 miles on this bike to see how it really ticks. Some of our test rides, like the hill climb test, might be more extreme than what you or other riders might encounter, but we want to know the limits on this bike.

We did two tests to see what the battery range entails, so you have a good idea of how far this bike can take you on a single battery charge. Also part of our review of the iGO Rosemont LS is to see what the average top speeds are in each pedal assist (PAS) level.

Rider safety is our top priority, so we also perform a brake test that lets you know how well the iGO Rosemont stops. Our brake test review covers both course testing, as well as gauging this e-bike’s stopping power in real-world situations.

The quality of the ride the iGO offers is also part of our review process. We cover things like, ergonomics, the electronics controlling the motor and pedal assist, suspension and handling, and the overall build of the bike.
By the time you finish reading this review of the iGO Rosemont, you will have a good idea as to whether this e-bike is suitable for you, or the rider you’re thinking about connecting with this e-bike.

0:00 iGO Discovery Rosemont LS Review
0:49 Overview
4:27 Brake Test
5:27 Speed Test
10:54 Range Test
12:39 Hill Test
17:49 Ride Quality
21:35 iGO Discovery Rosemont LS Conclusion

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