iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review 2023

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The Yorkville LE is one of two Yorkville models in iGo’s Discovery series of commuter e-bikes. We explain the bike’s features and test performance in this iGo Yorkville LE review!

The Yorkville’s performance in our Range Test was spectacular! It gave one of the best low power/long range performances we’ve seen from similar bikes and traveled over 70 miles on a single charge!

We appreciated its near-immediate motor engagement, too. The bike uses a sensitive cadence sensor to detect pedal movement, giving quick access to assistance from the motor.

We also really liked seeing the full spread of quality, name-brand components on the Yorkville, which help to give it great performance and reliability.

Check out our video review for more on the iGo Yorkville LE!

0:00 iGO Discovery Yorkville LE Review
0:37 Overview
4:47 Brake Test
6:12 Speed Test
11:42 Range Test
12:46 Hill Test
16:33 Ride Quality
20:33 iGO Discovery Yorkville LE Conclusion

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