iGo Outland Cabot RS Review 2023 | A hybrid commuter that can handle life on rougher paths

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As part of iGo’s Outland series of e-bikes, the Cabot RS is primarily meant for commuting on paved roads or paths, but it also has a bit of a wild side! We dive into the details in this iGo Outland Cabot RS review!

Equipped with a suspension fork with 80mm of travel and 27.5” x 2.4” Schwalbe Hurricane tires, the Cabot RS isn’t completely limited to asphalt or concrete. The bike is capable when riding on hardpack – be it dirt or pea gravel – which allows its rider more flexibility than we often see on most commuter bikes.

The Cabot also includes a 500W mid-drive motor with plentiful power for handling hills and high speeds. It uses a torque sensor that allows the motor’s output to adapt to the rider’s effort; heavier pedaling equals more power, similar to an analog bike!

As you might expect on an e-bike made for longer commutes, the Cabot RS has impressive range. iGo advertises up to 60 miles, but we exceeded that claim on our hilly multi-use paths, and riders traveling largely on flat ground might beat the mileage we registered.

For all the details on this bike’s specs and performance, check out our iGo Outland Cabot RS review!

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