iGo Outland Sawback RS E-Bike Review | A Hardtail eMTB with Great Range and Exhilarating Power


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As one of three rugged e-bikes in iGo’s Outland line of e-bikes, the Sawback RS is a capable entry-level XC electric mountain bike. We tested the bike’s performance on local singletrack and doubletrack and also ran it through our series of standardized tests – we share our thoughts in this iGo Outland Sawback RS review!

The bike’s powerful motor was one of the components we liked most. As a mid-drive motor with 500 watts of nominal output and a max of 130 Nm of torque, it made the bike feel fun, responsive, and easy to pedal.

With a high-capacity 720 Wh battery, the Sawback had plenty of juice to keep us on the trails for longer. We were highly impressed by how many hours and miles we spent riding on a single charge!

We enjoyed the bike’s performance on singletrack, but we liked the included features that made it more capable on the road as well. With more upright geometry, a throttle, and Class 3 speeds (where legal), the Sawback can cross into commuter territory with ease.

We share all of our thoughts as well as our test performance data in our iGo Outland Sawback RS review.

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