iGo Outland Torngat RS Review 2023 | 4.8″ Tires & Mid-Drive Motor For Overlanding Thrills!

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In our review of the iGO Outland Torngat RS, we cover the key details about this all-terrain electric bike. Among the features that make this bike standout are its 500-watt mid-drive motor, which uses both a torque sensor and cadence sensor. It gives your pedaling a more natural feel and it efficiently dishes out power to the pedal assist system.

Getting loads of power to the motor is the iGO 48V, 720Wh battery. It uses Samsung cells, weighs only 8 pounds, and gives the bike a respectable range. It also powers the bright LED headlight so you can see the road ahead in the dark.

The Outland Torngat RS rolls on 26” x 4.8” Maxxis Minion all-terrain tires. They provide big time help softening the bumps, dips and loose rocks you ride over, giving you greater confidence in the bike’s handling and safety.

Front suspension uses the RST Renegade 26 air fork. This fork is a couple of steps up from the standard coil spring forks that are so common with other e-bikes. These forks take the worry out of your ride, and enable you to enjoy more of your ride.

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