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While reviewing the JackRabbit micro e-bike we had healthy skepticism about the performance of this tiny bike. But the first look, with no rider on it, was deceiving, and once you see it in motion with a rider you learn about al you need to know: the JackRabbit is a surprisingly mighty bike for such a little thing.

This JackRabbit review will detail the motor, battery, brakes, and handling of this micro e-bike to bettter help you learn it’s stregths and weaknesses.

The Jackrabbit is first and foremost a bike built for short commutes. It’s not trying to be a 50 mile treking bike, but it understands the value in helping you move less than 5 miles in a hurry.

To accomplish this, the JackRabbit comes equipped with a 300W motor and is powered by a 151Wh battery. The wheelbase is so short that this bike’s handling can be classified as twitchy. To get a better sense of how it performed across all our tests make sure to watch the whole JackRabbit review!

0:00 JackRabbit Review Intro
0:48 JackRabbit Review Overview
2:35 Braking
3:42 Battery / Range Test
4:53 Circuit Test
6:00 Folding
6:50 Cockpit & Handling
9:53 Motor / Hill Test
11:07 JackRabbit Review Conclusion

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