JackRabbit XG Review | Mini But Mighty! This Micro E-Bike Is No Kid’s Ride

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The JackRabbit XG is the second iteration of the brand’s namesake micro e-bike/scooter. With no pedals, the bike is powered by throttle and can carry its rider up to 20 mph. We tested its speed, range, braking power, and more in our JackRabbit XG review!

Fun is the name of the game with the XG, as we discovered in our testing. This zippy little e-bike has the power to make anyone’s day better – just hop on and see!

It’s easy to think that the XG is a toy made for kids; it’s one of the smallest e-mobility devices we’ve seen. But as a bike made for college students, RV campers, and more, it packs a serious punch thanks to its 500W rear hub motor!

What’s something RV campers and college students have in common? Tiny living spaces! The XG folds nearly flat so it can be stashed in tight quarters and quickly made road-ready once again. JackRabbit also offers a convenient shoulder sling allowing users to carry the bike indoors.

Check out our JackRabbit XG video review for more!

0:00 JackRabbit XG Intro
00:48 JackRabbit XG – Overview
04:59 JackRabbit XG – Brake Test
06:15 JackRabbit XG – Speed Test
10:19 JackRabbit XG – Range Test
12:28 JackRabbit XG – Hill Test
16:08 JackRabbit XG – Ride Quality
19:50 JackRabbit XG – Conclusion

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