Juiced RipCurrent S Review 2023 | MASSIVE Motor & Battery For Fast Rides That Last

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The following review of Juice RipCurrent S electric bike covers the key details that make this bike stand out for all-terrain riding. With its 1000W motor and fat 26” x 4” tires, this e-bike offers a lot of fun on two wheels. Housing a 19.2 Ah battery, the RipCurrent S also extends the limits, giving you up to 70 miles between charges.

The suspension on the Juice RipCurrent S e-bike gives you better performance than what you’d normally find for the price, thanks to its advanced air forks. They are easier to fine-tune for setting your compression and rebound preferences and reducing the risk of bottoming out.

In this review of the Juice RipCurrent S electric bike, we detail this bike’s results from our performance tests. The tests include pedal assist top speeds at each level, brake and safety tests, battery range, and hill climbing. We also cover the overall ride quality and measure how this bike stacks up overall.

Other features reviewed on the Juice RipCurrent S e-bike include the electronics and bike components. We cover a broad range of items to help you get as much useful information as possible to help you decide if this is the right bike for you.

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0:00 Juiced RipCurrent S Review
0:52 Overview
3:46 Brake Test
4:48 Speed Test
9:35 Range Test
11:16 Hill Test
15:21 Ride Quality
18:58 Juiced RipCurrent S Conclusion

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