KBO Ranger Review 2024 | An Affordable Cargo E-Bike

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The KBO Ranger is an affordable electric cargo bike with a total payload capacity of 400 lbs. We tested the bike’s hauling ability as well as its range, brakes, uphill power and more – see all of that and more in this KBO Ranger review!

With an effective 750W rear-hub motor, the Ranger can move quickly and easily even when carrying a load of groceries or a passenger. We were impressed with its ability to climb hills under load – check out our hill test section for more detail.

The Ranger features a 48V, 840 Wh battery with a larger capacity than we commonly see on cargo bikes. This gives it the ability to stay on the road or path longer than most, which means more time between charges.
Compared to similar bikes we’ve tested, the Ranger also felt significantly more nimble; it has a shorter than average wheelbase which combines with 20”x3” CST Big Boat tires for ease of maneuvering. We hardly noticed the cargo rack on the back!

For more information, check out our full KBO Ranger video review or read our written review through the link below.

0:00 KBO Ranger Review
0:41 Overview
4:28 Brake Test
5:56 Speed Test
10:17 Range Test
12:04 Hill Test
16:28 Ride Quality
20:41 KBO Ranger Conclusion

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