Kona Dew-E DL Review – $3.9k

https://electricbikereview.com/kona/dew-e-dl/ The Kona Dew-E DL is a sporty, high performance urban electric bike with sturdy 12mm thru-axles, lightweight carbon fiber fork, premium integrated lights, and quiet sturdy fenders. The compact motor and battery pack disappear into the frame, and keep weight low and centered for optimal handling and stability. Four frame sizes ensure a proper fit, though the bike does run a bit small. Hydraulic disc brakes provide good stopping power, and the 160mm rotors are less likely to get bumped and bent at crowded bike racks. Excellent kickstand position and outstanding headlight with metal housing and side windows. The Shimano E6100 motor is compact, relatively light, but very zippy and powerful. Hollow spindle improves bottom bracket stiffness and pedaling while reducing weight. Outstanding 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain with wide 11 to 46 tooth cassette. The motor offers high RPM support, so that low 46 tooth cog is quite usable for starting and climbing. The rear light is a bit small and does not include a large reflective surface like many competing lights. No reflective stripes on the tires, but the brown sidewalls are more visible than all black. Only available in one color choice. Separated power button, settings button, and up down for assist seems unnecessary. Charger is slower than average and requires an adapter to fill the battery directly vs. plugging into the bike frame. The bike seems expensive at $1k more than the Dew-E with external battery.

0:00 Introduction, company background
1:17 Bike and battery weight details
2:35 Tires 650x47c, 12mm thru-axles
3:55 Adjustable kickstand, 4mm star bolt
4:51 Shimano hydraulic disc brakes 160mm
5:23 Bottle and rack mounting points
5:59 Handlebar, grips, brake levers, stem
7:17 Seatpost 31.6mm, Comparison to Kona Dew-E
7:52 Drivetrain details Shimano Deore 11-46t
9:10 Fender details, rear rack discussion
13:46 Battery details, charging, and mounting
18:47 Battery care tips, (avoid extreme temps)
20:08 Powering on the bike, walk mode, lights
21:28 Assist levels, settings menu, lights
25:44 Frame size feedback, the bikes run small
26:58 Ride test begins, motor response demo
29:18 Third person ride shots and sound
29:43 Drivetrain closeup, motor response
34:14 Complaints about Shimano interfaces
36:01 Resources and end

Starting With Mountain Biking – Basic Skills

Virtually all individuals who recognize how to ride a bike would certainly desire the exhilaration that hill biking can bring. This is extremely different from the ordinary cycling since it entails difficult challenges and also some biking skills that might not be used with biking on normal areas. Mastering the standard skills in hill cycling before taking place into capitals is very important so as your cycling will be extra pleasurable, secure, and also positive.

A Perfect Concept For a Women’s Mountain Bike by Specialized

Specialized, has been making hill bikes for both males and ladies for the over three decades currently. Recently they have actually boosted their concentrate on the product for the fairer sex, by boosting the quality and convenience; they anticipate a better sales pass on in the years ahead.

Why Do We Wear Mountain Bike Shoes?

Various other than the ladies high heels, you need to have seen individuals ride bikes using various kinds of footwear while they ride their bikes. However when it concerns mtb, the only types of footwear that can be put on are the certain hill bike footwear.

Online Used Mountain Bike Sales and Purchases

It is not needed that every person can pay for to buy a brand-new hill bike. You don’t need to be abundant or a big spender if you are a mountain bicycle lover. I know a lot of individuals who favor to acquire used yet in great condition mtb simply since they can not manage to acquire a new one or preferred to tryout a used less pricey simply to attempt it out before buying an expensive first-rate design.

Getting the Most Out of Mountain Bike Reviews

You had your eye on a mtb and wanted it so bad that you began saving for it. After a long difficult battle you get to the shop and get the item of your wish. The next thing you know is that you despise it. The bike wouldn’t do the way you anticipated it to work.

Writing a Mountain Bike Review – What You Should Know About It

Testimonial writing is a terrific hobby. I personally enjoy doing that since it offers me a feeling of being valuable to others as well as at the exact same time I have the ability to express my opinion to a huge variety of readers.

What Amateurs Should Know About Mountain Bike Racing

Mountain bike racing is a lot various from the track auto racing as it entails both roadway and go across country movement. This kind of racing calls for specific basic expertise for an amateur to have as well as understand the standard demand so that you can participate as well as win the race.

Getting the Right Mountain Bike Parts

I as soon as had a wonderful mtb; it was quite awesome till it obtained old. In fact regarding 8 years old, however I still liked it so I determined to obtain it upgraded. I went about looking for the parts that I considered needed the upgrades. I asked around and also ultimately determined to obtain my paddles, brakes and my rotor transformed. My bike was not the very same.

Free Riding With Mongoose Mountain Bikes – What You Should Know About It

Free riding is one sport which was originally an occasion in snowboarding where no rules used and also simply completion of the program was a vital part. In a similar way, in mountain biking, there are no rules that bind or restrict the cyclist to finish the provided course which may have a variety of challenges to get rid of. The complimentary flight bike is always going to be various from the downhill bike because the needs are various, mostly since the flight needs even more control and security at sluggish rates as compared to downhill which …

Ritual Jumping Mongoose Mountain Bike – What You Should Know About It

Bike leaping is an excellent sporting activity both fort the spectators and the athletes equally. It gives the adventure which everybody wants in life. A cyclist needs to have the confidence in his bike to carry out such a stunt.

Selecting a Men’s Mountain Bike – What You Should Know About It

Individuals usually whine that their mountain bicycle is the as the other fellow’s however they do not discover it as comfortable as he claims his bike to be. The other individual can execute much better on the very same bike or in fact also on yours as well as discovers it ideal while you do not get the same efficiency and also experience.

Variations in a Mountain Bike Frame – What You Should Know About It

A mountain bicycle primarily depends up on its layout and also the layout is essentially the structure of its framework. The performance of a mtb has a large range of application as well as for each and every application some variation in its frame is needed. In the preceding paragraphs I will certainly go over some variants in the frames of mountain bicycle which has effect on the ride itself.

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