Kona Dew E DL Review | High-End Components In a Low-Profile Commuter

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Kona’s Dew-E DL is a lightweight city/commuter e-bike that also has touring potential. We tested its performance in our Speed, Brake, Hill, and Range tests to see how it compares to similar e-bikes on the market. Watch our Kona Dew-E DL review for the results!

The Dew-E DL features a myriad of Shimano components including its 250W E6100 mid-drive motor. We appreciated its smooth and responsive feel – but also its super low volume.

With a total weight of 43 lbs, the Dew-E felt nimble and easy to maneuver. It’s also able to fit on a standard bike rack or be carried up a flight of stairs.

We found its tires to be another highlight, with 47mm of smooth tread for stability and speed.

For more on this cool commuter, check out our Kona Dew-E DL review!

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0:00 Kona Dew E DL Intro
00:41 Kona Dew E DL – Overview
04:07 Kona Dew E DL – Brake Test
05:09 Kona Dew E DL – Speed Test
08:53 Kona Dew E DL – Range Test
10:33 Kona Dew E DL – Hill Test
13:39 Kona Dew E DL – Ride Quality
17:50 Kona Dew E DL – Conclusion

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