Lectric XP Trike Review 2023 | The Best Affordable E-Trike?

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The Lectric XP Trike offers functional three-wheeled mobility at a groundbreakingly low price. We dive into the trike’s specs and performance in this Lectric XP Trike review!

Starting at around $1,500, this is one of the most affordable electric trikes on the market! But in classic Lectric style, low cost doesn’t mean compromise; the XP Trike includes tons of great features that exceeded our expectations.

The XP Trike is portable, too! With its battery removed, it weighs just 62.5 lbs, and its frame includes a folding mechanism, allowing it to fold down and load up into a vehicle for transport.
Many other e-trikes on the market can weigh 90 lbs or more.

To balance cost and performance, Lectric mounted a hub motor between the wheels with a differential axle to make turning possible. This setup provides a more natural-feeling ride than a traditional hub-motor in the front or rear wheel, without the added cost of a mid-drive motor.

To see how it performed in our testing, check out our Lectric XP Trike video review!

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