Lectric XPremium Review | Dual Battery Electric Folding Bike

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When you watch our Lectric XPremium review, you will see how well this folding e-bike delivers in performance, quality and convenience. Designing the frame from scratch, the Lectric engineers designed the XPremium to carry two batteries and travel up to 100 miles. We tested the battery range using the minimum PAS setting and the maximum PAS setting to verify its range abilities.

Gauging this e-bike’s overall performance for everyday riding, we tested it on our circuit course. This also helped us learn how well the torque sensor works with engaging the motor with the pedal strokes.

We also tested its climbing ability on the infamous Hell Hole Trail. This gave us a good understanding of how well the mid-drive motor works in powering this bike up hills. The throttle action was also tested, so we could see what this bike can do when the rider is not pedaling to help it go uphill.

Our testing also helped us analyze the bike’s ability to come to a full stop, as well as its handling, comfort and ease of operation. Our test rides and mechanical observations enabled us to give an in-depth report on this e-bike, giving you a clear picture on its performance, quality and overall value.

If you are serious about buying a folding e-bike, then you will get valuable information from our report, and help you better understand this e-bike’s best features, as well as the features that might change your mind. All in all, you will feel better informed about e-bikes in general after reading this article.

0:00 Lectric XPremium Intro
1:20 Lectric XPremium Overview
2:49 Specs
6:19 Folding
7:43 Brake Test
8:56 Circuit Test
11:06 Battery / Range Test
12:51 Motor / Hill Test
14:32 Lectric XPremium Review Conclusion

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