LeMond Dutch E-Bike Review 2023 | Artfully Designed with Premium Tech

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The LeMond Dutch is a lightweight Dutch-style cruiser with a smooth, custom carbon fiber frame. Its high-end looks match its impressive ride – we cover all the details in this LeMond Dutch review!

With no welds, the Dutch’s seamless carbon fiber frame is beautifully crafted to stand out. From the single-piece stem/handlebar section to the optional fenders and fork, LeMond designed the bike from the ground up to be a unified whole, and it shows!

As you’d expect from its styling, the Dutch features an incredibly comfortable upright riding position and a natural, ergonomic feel. It’s enjoyable for long rides along the boardwalk or traveling to and from the office.

It’s also packed with cool, high-end technology! The Dutch uses the Mahle X35 drive system with a 250W rear-hub motor, an internal 250 Wh battery, and a minimalistic single-button interface on the down tube. Our test bike also came with the awesome Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system!

Check out our LeMond Dutch video review for more!

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