LeMond Prolog E-Bike Review | A 26 lbs E-Bike With Striking Design

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The LeMond Prolog is a gorgeous carbon-fiber city / commuter e-bike from a company founded by 3-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond. We cover the bike’s specs and its tested performance in this LeMond Prolog review!

An incredibly lightweight frame and a small 250W motor give the Prolog a ride feel that is incredibly close to that of a non-electric bike – just better! It’s impressively easy to maneuver and lift, which should offer tons of appeal to urban cyclists.

The sculpted and smooth frame not only looks great, it also features some high-end tech. The Mahle X35 drive system is lightweight, functional, and uses a unique single-button interface.

Check out our video review of the LeMond Prolog and be sure to let us know what you think of this highly aesthetic city bike!

0:00 LeMond Prolog Review
1:29 LeMond Prolog Overview
3:39 Specs
10:59 Brake Test
12:18 Circuit Test
14:37 Battery/Range Test
16:24 Motor/Hill Test
17:40 LeMond Prolog Conclusion

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